Carabello Coffee

Newport, KY

Carabello Coffee started in a garage in the fall of 2009 with a philanthropic vision, a hot air popcorn popper and a few pounds of green coffee beans. From there Justin & Emily Carabello have steadily grown their small business as a way to help fund sustainable change in underdeveloped coffee producing nations. I love Carabello Coffee and all they stand for. My husband and I support their small business frequently ordering ground coffee or popping in for a fresh latte and scone. On a recent letter that was included with our coffee shipment from Justin and Emily, I was pleased to see all the help they are giving to our local community and also those less fortunate that they are connected with. These photos were part of another personal branding session that I did at Carabello. I wanted to use them to show you what I can do with details that help to describe who you are and what makes you special as an entrepreneur. Don't forget to check out Carabello Coffee!

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