Michigan State University Study Abroad 2007

Growth is so important, not only on a personal level but also with whatever you choose to pursue. I started my photography when I was in high school. I always took on that role as family photographer when I got the chance and by the time I went to college I decided I wanted to try it as a class. I also wanted to travel to Europe where my mom's family is from and explore a little on my own. Michigan State University offered a program - Photo Communications in the United Kingdom and Czech Republic. I was sold. That summer we headed out to England and started our study in London. My projects included trips to Liverpool, Wales, Edinburgh and the Arron Isles in Scotland, the Tour de France in London, Kutna Hora and Prague in the Czech Republic, and so many other places in between. I grew a lot as a person that summer and I started learning how to hone in my photography as an artist and also to tell a story. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into my travels. Cheers!

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